Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council

What you can do

Prevention is the best method of controlling the introduction and spread of invasive plants.

giant hogweed roadside-fvipc

Everybody can be part of the solution:

  • Learn to identify and control invasive plants using methods suitable to site and species
  • Know what you grow - avoid growing invasive plant species; substitute invasive plants for less aggressive species
  • Remove plants that are creeping or reseeding outside of their intended area
  • Revegetate disturbed areas with regionally appropriate (i.e., native), non-invasive, non-persistent seed mixtures or plants
  • Do not dump plants or plant material over the back garden fence or into greenspace
  • Clean equipment, tools, vehicles, pets, and shoes before leaving an infested area
  • Do not compost weeds – dispose of mature plants at your local landfill for burial
  • Report sightings